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I like stalking all the art. Occasionally I'll doodle something myself. I'm uber lazy so don't expect much from me but on the rare occasion I'll post something with some sort of substance.


So it really pains me to even consider this because I am so in love with this design.

Image by Sete-DiSangue

However, I purchased this Arcanus earlier this year and was in the process of saving money to commission refs for him (and all my other OCs for that matter) when I got in my car accident three weeks ago. I was in and out of the hospital with a broken sternum for the first week and on top of that my car did not survive. Not cheap. With my car totaled now I have to somehow afford a new one. I'm in the process of looking but it is a real struggle. That said...

Selling him for under the $75 he cost me isn't going to make or break me and that's not even why I'm considering. You can't buy a car with 75 dollars. :\ I just feel bad hoarding this gorgeous babe to myself and god knows when I will be able to do anything with him or be active within the Arcanus community. He needs a proper ref sheet at least and I can't give him that right now.

Getting to the point... I guess I just want to know if anyone is interested in him before I commit to selling. In other words I really do love this guy and I am hesitant to get rid of him. Feel free to hit me with any offers but please don't be insulted if I refuse. Again, I'm pretty desperate for cash... but I also am addicted to gorgeous mohawks like this and this color scheme and black teeth. So... yeah.

My point is I'm not really concerned about getting money back from this. I am considering selling because he needs money put into him. Which I do not have. I feel bad letting him rot with no commissions or no references. Unfortunately all those things cost money. So if an artist or someone with the funds to treat this babe right comes along don't be afraid to speak up.

I'd even be willing to take trades or a combination. As long as they are not closed or really any original species, because again... don't have the funds to get into that right now. I feel bad letting those ones sit around and not have any art. Whereas others I can just rp the hell out of them in my own little worlds xD. 

Best chances would be with:
-Arts (since I have no cash for commissions D'X)
-Fantasy wolf designs
-Any big fuzzy feral animals really...
-Human designs, fantasy or otherwise

Art by :iconvelkss:
Design by :iconlordmarlon:

... I've literally been staring at my computer screen for the past five minutes hovering over that submit button.

The struggle.
So as a lover of gore and someone with a morbid interest with watching things I probably shouldn't be I recently bought a lifetime subscription to which is a website I've been stalking for some time. They post things in the news, deaths, accidents, beheadings, etc. Both videos and pictures. Personally I find it super interesting but obviously it isn't for everybody. 

Long story short when you buy the subscription they give you a second one free to send to a friend. It's a lifetime subscription no strings attached. I just don't know anybody else (unfortunately) who is into that sort of thing. If you are let me know and I will email you the free invite! I only have one request... you have to do some Gorey ass rps with me xD LOL jk you don't have to. But yeah basically giving this away. So if you or anyone you know likes gore lemme know.


If you haven't already visited the website I suggest you do before contacting me. They give you three free views a day without a membership. Watch some videos, view some threads, let me know if you decide it's something you are interested in. I will be a little crabby if someone asks for it, decides they don't like the site, and then never uses it. I wan't to give this to someone who will actually use and enjoy it.
So I just got out of the Emergency Room at the hospital. Got into a really awful car accident last night. My car was completely destroyed and now I'm out of vehicle to go to school or work in. Not to mention my sternum is now broken, I've got vertigo, and whiplash. Yay! But hey I'm alive so that's good I guess. I'll be in bed rest most likely for a while but we shall see. I just had to share. If anyone wants the full story involving the idiot driver who almost got me killed I will gladly share but I'm done ranting about that for right now. So if ya want to know ask.
Tha bastard... jk jk <3

1. When did you start to seriously draw?

Uhg this will forever probably be my biggest regret. I've always wanted to get into art but I have a problem with sticking to things. (Mostly because I'm a perfectionist and get super pissed when I'm not amazing right off the bat) The first time I TOLD MYSELF I was going to get serious about art I was in middle school so like 13? Can't help thinking how good I could be by now if I'd actually stuck to that plan. So as of now I have yet to seriously get into art... maybe one day.

2. Do you have OC's? Who was your first OC? Do you still have them?

I have a TON of OCs. My first OC was Sete although his name used to be Zack. I would act out little stuffed animal things with my siblings at like age 5. So yeah he's been around for ages. Always been eating his friends too lol. Got my inspiration and love for those type of characters from Diego from Ice Age and the moral struggle he went through.

3. Is creating artwork your job or is it a hobby? If it's just a hobby, do you have a job (or going to school)? How hard is it to create while working?

Neither. If we consider my music as my art it is currently a hobby. My teacher hopes to turn it into a job for me but I'm not too sure. We'll see I guess. Like I said before I suck at sticking to things and get super frustrated when I'm not perfect. That said it is hard for me to create music while in school etc mostly because I pick up my guitar or launchpad, don't like what I play and then get pissed and put it down. CURSE YOU PERFECTIONISM!

4. Have you met anyone in RL from DeviantArt yet?

YUP! :iconkilioka: and :iconlonelicrown:! I really hope to meet :iconxkoday: soon too! D< Must unite the squad.

5. How often do you come across art theft?

Oh god a lot. Not of my art obviously... but I still see it everywhere. I try to keep an eye out for my friends work definitely and as someone who frequents rp forums art theft is unfortunately a daily encounter. As (hopefully) a future copyright lawyer this is disappointing to see. >.<

6. Do you have any pets?

YEEEE! I have a fairly new pup Simba! :iconkilioka: drew him here:
IL: Simba by Kilioka
I also have a big ass black horse named Fazon. Two pregnant goats named Mittens and Boots. And my sister has a rabbit named Stanley.

7. What do you like to draw the most? (Animals, people, vehicle, etc etc - Get in detail too! Actiony? Fantasy? Romance? Etc etc)

On the rare occasion when I do draw I prefer to draw people. If I could ever get to a decent skill level I'd definitely wanna draw action scenes and fantasy stuff. I'd try my hand at Wolves too. God this question makes me sad XD I was determined to start making comics at like 13... as you can see I'm easily discouraged.

8. Back to OC's, is your favorite OC(s) shipped with anyone elses? If so, who's the lovely couple(s)?

Sete is my fave babe. Currently working on a ship for him ;D. Also my new baby Fors is shipped with :iconkilioka:'s charrie Ishtar. FISHY FOR LIFE.

9. What's your oldest image (or writing) on your DA account? Show us!

OH GOD! Do I go back to my old account and search there. -flop- O.O by SeteDiMorte
This monstrosity. From 2012. :/

10. Now show us your newest image! (Or writing!) Are you happy with how far you've come?

Uhm haven't posted or really drawn anything more in a long ass time. Am I happy with how far I've come? Definitely not. Horribly disappointed in myself is more the right word.
This is however literally the most recent thing I've drawn. Just a quick sketch of a pose in my school notes. -facedesk-

Tag some friends!

KODAY ALREADY TAGGED LOTS OF THE BAES! If anyone else wants to do this go for it!

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