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I like stalking all the art. Occasionally I'll doodle something myself. I'm uber lazy so don't expect much from me but on the rare occasion I'll post something with some sort of substance.


I have almost 300 watchers. XD How the hell.
Who? Me? No, not me ya sillies.

My buddy Stroof is selling some neat designs. Check it out.

Selling emergency designs cheap

Thanks guys!
NEW CHARACTER!!! :D Have to thank :iconacethewolf20: for this boy! Be sure to check out their character (Bates's brother Grim) here:…


Also zoom in for dat good shit. /shot

-Bates Skulk
-Several thousand years old
-From the world of Scindo
-Brother of Grim

-8ft tall in this form (shorty for a being of his demi-god-like status)
-Thin, not in a sickly fashion but lean with low muscle mass.

-Thrives off the consumption of souls
-One of only two of his kind

-Soul Drain: The ability in which Bates uses to consume a beings life force, trapping their soul forever inside himself and using it as energy and to increase his own power.
-Necromancer: Bates can choose to release some of the souls from within himself to fight for him. They appear as smokey/wispy, teal colored, aetherial versions of their former selves (or formless) and are capable of dealing damage comparable to that when they were alive.
-Merge: Bates is able to morph with his brother Grim in dire situations in order to enhance their power and damage output.

-Silent but deadly (Like his farts? Jk jk)
-Submissive, usually found right behind his brother
-Jealous of any attention his brother gives to others

Other Info:
-Bates is physically capable of speech and is not deaf. However, he quite literally has never and will never talk. Not even to his own brother. Although, Grim has picked up on Bates’ unique body language and is good at knowing what his brother is trying to tell him.
-In order to communicate with others Bates uses his necromancy and forces one of his enslaved souls to speak for him. He always uses the same soul for this purpose and often keeps him out. His name is Ort.
-Ort always appears as a floating cat skull in a ball of teal smoke. He likely was a cat. A talking cat? Oh my.
-Ort’s voice is on the higher end but decidedly male. He speaks softly and in a melodic fashion. (Akin to the snake in the animated Jungle book).
-Ort’s jaw does not move when he speaks but a blue glow flashes from inside his mouth, pulsing with each word.
-Teal smoke often flows somewhat out of Bates’s mouth/nose/markings. These are the souls trapped inside him and they are trying to escape or if they come out completely
-Bates is releasing them to serve his purposes.
-His scars are from countless rough training exercises with Sete

Bates and Grim are the sons of Vorago’s High Priestess. Their parents DNA would normally have made them normal natives of Scindo with relatively little power or prestige. However, Vorago had other plans for them and blessed them with the atrocious abilities they have today.
Not long after they were unleashed upon the world the High Priestess abandoned her young. The two spent some time travelling the world alone, with little to no memory of who they were or where they came from. Bates relied on his brother for everything and Grim protected him at all costs. They were inseparable.
Their abilities kept them alive, however the wilds of Scindo were no place for young pups and they barely scraped by. Just as things started to look especially dim they wandered into the territory of yet another god.
Sete found them. He took them to his fortress and looked after them. His growing soft spot for children manifesting into the almost familial relationship he shared with the two. He became part uncle and part teacher. The god cared for them in his own way and trained them mercilessly until he saw they were ready to face the world alone.
Bates and Grim lost contact with Sete when the god disappeared and ever since Bates has been following his brother about, the two causing chaos wherever they see fit.

-Being left alone (with Grim nearby)
-Tinkering with things (normally animals and their bones)
-Staring awkwardly at people

-Direct Combat
-Being around lots of people
-Rude people
-Anyone who touches his brother


Art (c) :iconfoxedd:
Character (c) :iconsete-disangue:



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